Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Natural calamity...flood in Barak Valley...and Rural life and our working days...

Working in a rural area is a great experience.As Barak Valley is heavily effected in this natural calamity,people are taking shelter in various camps…and water water everywhere…most of the people are finding it difficult to live their lives…and the most important….many of them are effected with various disease….now the real challenge comes….People are unable to go to their even nearest hospital…difficulty arises when the way to the hospital is under water….so we Doctors are going to hospital via boat…we are taking every possible step to help the people…we are arranging camps to reach them via boat…now in this whole process we are very happy to serve the people…but when this natural calamity will be over….our healthcare system and the top dignitaries,leaders associated with health care system will be appreciated….but the one who were helping the people…I mean doctors,pharmacist,nurse,other coworkers will not get attention at that time…media people also will highlight their deeds.In this flood,we are going to patient via boat…or on foot….walking several kilometers…but nobody from media will ever look at this…but by mistake even if one day someone  from the district associated with health services,or any political leader who most of the time work in air conditioned room visits such places….media people will highlight that visit…writing day after day many things about that visit….but in what condition we are working???,how we are serving people???if people are happy with our service or not???....are we happy???what sort of things,improvements we need???....these things will not get any attention…not even by media people….at the end of the day those guys who are sitting in air conditioned room(mostly) will be praised….not those who worked under difficult conditions with their lives at risk…but it does not matter at all….because DOCTOR,DUTY,SOCIAL SERVICE are synonymous terms…we will always continue to serve people…its our duty….

Thursday, May 20, 2010


there was one young patient who was suffering 4m severe hypertension(b.p-220/100) and tachycardia.The hospital supply consist of only one medicine of hypertension,but this was not enough for treating her.I prescribed her two more medicines and advised her to continue these and advised her some investigations and also advised her to consult one cardiologist.Due to poor monetary condition and also ignorance and also advice 4m other people, the patient only took those medicines for 1 week and at the end of one month patient came wid profuse hypertensive epistaxis(nasal bleeding).at that time i also refered her 2 higher centre but she refused.then i prescribed her and her husband on that day bought all medicines.fortunately patient got cured.again i referrd her and advised her all relevent investigation and i advised her to continue all medication.but i m sure she will again discontinue.on one side this is due to poor monetary condition,and on the other side it is due to ignorance of people about health and education.so bottomline is that 1)we hav to work hard to uplift the poor,2)health and education should go simultaneously.